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Astronautical Engineering Seminar topics can be useful for Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Spacecraft and Propulsion Engineers. Astronautical Engineers design and build rockets and space launchers, communications and direct broadcasting satellites, space navigational systems, remote sensing satellites, manned space vehicles, and planetary probes. They operate complex earth-orbiting space systems and rovers on Mars from sophisticated ground control centers

India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)

India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft which is expected to reach Planet Mars on September 24, 2014 is racing at a speed of approximately 22 km/s toward its destination, which is like saying MOM can cover a distance between Mumbai and New Delhi in just a minute," said the Indian Space Research Organisation. Prior to the Mars Orbit Insertion on September 24 ISRO has planned the last Trajectory Correction Manoeuvre (TCM) of the spacecraft which is likely to be conducted in August.. Once it reaches Mars, Mangalyaan will revolve around the Red Planet for six months and announce India's triumph The unmanned scientific satellite mission has cost India Rs. 450 crore. The primary objectives of the Mars mission are to demonstrate India's technological capability to send a satellite to orbit around the planet and conduct meaningful experiments such as looking for signs of life, take pictures of Mars and study the Martian environment. If all goes well, India would become the fourth country (or group of countries) to reach Mars, after the former Soviet Union, the United States and Europe.  (continue reading ....)

Rocket powered by nuclear fusion could send humans to Mars

Human travel to Mars has long been the unachievable dangling carrot for space programs. Now, astronauts could be a step closer to our nearest planetary neighbor through a unique manipulation of nuclear fusion, the same energy that powers the sun and stars. University of Washington researchers and scientists at a space-propulsion company are building components of a fusion-powered rocket aimed to clear many of the hurdles that block deep space travel, including long times in transit, exorbitant costs and health risks

Xenon Ion Rocket Engine

Electric blue, that's the colour of NASA's latest high-tech spaceship engine, which uses xenon ions instead of a rocket blast. The stunning blue glow comes from photons released by the ions as they lose energy upon leaving the engine. The solar-electric propulsion thruster ditches burning chemical fuel for xenon ions accelerated by an electric field generated using solar panels. This provides a steady stream of ions that can slowly nudge a spacecraft to high speeds with minimal fuel, making it a good choice for long-range missions


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