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Behavior Engineering Model

This is the most discussed topic related to Behavioral Engineering

Behavior Modeling Language (BML)

BML is used to construct complete behavioral, compositional and structural integrated views from natural language descriptions of a large set of requirements for a proposed system.

Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials

seminars related to this topic are helpful for Mechanical,Mechatronics Engineering Students.It covers covers elastic and plastic deformation under static and dynamic loads. Prediction and prevention of failure by yielding, fracture, fatigue, wear, and environmental factors,Design issues pertaining to materials selection for load-bearing applications,structure-property relationships, materials selection for design, mechanical behavior of polymers and design of plastic components, complex states of stress and strain, elastic deformation and multiaxial loading, plastic deformation and yield criteria, dislocation plasticity and strengthening mechanisms, creep, effects of stress concentrations, fracture, fatigue, and contact stresses.

Applied behavior analysis

Behaviour therapy

Behavior modification

Behavior management

professional practice of behavior analysis