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Japan bank to install palm-reading ATMs

Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is only a regional bank in Japan.We regularly use ATM cards to with draw money.But insted of entering Pin using ATM card,this bank stands different.You should not require an ATM card .This banks concept of biometric ATMs is going to be fullfilled in last week of September 2012.Under the system, developed by Fujitsu Ltd., users will be able to prove who they are simply by scanning their hands and entering a PIN and date of birth, the bank said.

Ziraat Bank in Turkey was first to establish Biometric ATM in the world.Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will become second bank using Palm reading ATMs and first from Asia.It said that the idea was a response to the thousands of tsunami survivors who last year couldn’t access their bank accounts for months because they’d lost all their cards and ID. The bank has branches, mainly in the Gifu Prefecture of central Japan. Gifu Prefecture is about 250 km west of Tokyo.