Campus Love & Friendship is a initiative of Engineers World to support students friendship in campuses.

Valentines Day Gift for Engineers

If you are loving an Engineering Girl or if your lover is an Engineering Boy dont forget to present some gifts on February 14

Engineers Wedding Ring

Commonly know as Mechanical Engineer's Wedding Ring is a specially designed Ring used in Marriage of Engineer's

Loving an Engineering Girl

Keep this in mind before you are going to propose an Engineering Girl

Loving an Engineering Boy

Keep this in mind before you are going to love an Engineering Guy

Engineers Loving Engineers

If you are an Engineer loving Engineer of opposite Gender which category of Engineers you prefer

Best Age for Marriage-Engineering Girls

Engineering Girls may sometimes get Campus placement or go for higher studies;But if her marriage occured before

Best Time for Marriage-Engineer Guys

As an Engineering Guy you will be responsible for your Family;In many cases Gents will say