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Nano technology Assembler Design And Nano Communication
A prefix meaning one billionth (1/1 000 000 000) is Nano.Areas of technology where dimensions and tolerances in the range of 0.1nm to 100nm play a critical role is called Nan technology. Nanotechnology Assembler Design And Nano-Communication seminar can also mention about Nanocrystal are Molecular-sized solids formed with a repeating, 3D pattern of atoms or molecules with an equal distance between each part. Nanocrystals are aggregates of anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of atoms that combine into a crystalline form of matter known as a 'cluster'
Quantum Dots From Earthworm Poop
The synthesis of designer solid-state materials by living organisms is an emerging field in bio-nanotechnology. Key examples include the use of engineered viruses as templates for cobalt oxide (Co3O4) particles1, superparamagnetic cobalt–platinum alloy nanowires2 and gold–cobalt oxide nanowires3 for photovoltaic and battery-related applications..
NANO-TECH REGENERATIVE FUEL CELL refers to the effective production of power in automobiles without undergoing into combustion. It will overcomes all the problem which are facing today. The integration of nanotechnology and fuel cell will lead to a new era in alternative fuels. Nanotechnology is providing a key to improving the fuel cell performance. We provide "Cooler, Cleaner, Greener" power and energy solutions that also include "Pollution Free Power" and "Carbon Free Energy" systems, and all provide "Renewable Energy Credits."
New Two Dimensional Electronic NanoMaterial
Australian scientists have produced a new two-dimensional material they believe could revolutionise the electronics market with thinner, faster and lighter gadgets. Silicon chips have reached their limit in terms of speed and ability to store an electrical charge. But RMIT University and CSIRO researchers have made a new flat material, made up of layers of crystal known as molybdenum oxides, which has properties that encourage the free flow of electrons at ultra-high speeds. They say this could boost speed of communication and capacitance, the ability to store an electrical charge, using the same size chips as are used today.

Nanorobots are nanodevices that will be used for the purpose of maintaining and protecting the human body against pathogens.There is no technology for the treatment of AIDS. Some of the drugs of specific composition are given to the patients depending on the intensity of the disease.The enormous potential in the biomedical capabilities of nanorobots and the imprecision and side effects of medical treatments today make nanorobots very desirable.
Carbon Nanotube & Nanoglue

The nanoglue is made of 400-nanometer-wide silicone pillars covered with a polymer that mimics the adhesive proteins found in mussels. In addition to bandages, the new material could be used in drug-delivery patches and in adhesive tapes to close surgical wounds. Carbon-nanotube pillars have provided one of the strongest base for Nanoglue 
Charge your Cell Phone using Virus
 Scientists claim to have developed a unique technique to harness electricity from a bacteria eating virus to power your mobile phones. Using the virus known as M13 bacteriophage to replace toxic elements used to charge the cell phones. The virus possesses a property known as piezoelectricity, which means it can translate mechanical energy into electrical energy. 
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