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Q factor and damping
Quality factor or Q factor is a dimensionless parameter that describes how under-damped an oscillator or resonator is, or equivalently, characterizes a resonator's bandwidth relative to its center frequency. Higher Q indicates a lower rate of energy loss relative to the stored energy of the resonator; the oscillations die out more slowly. A pendulum suspended from a high-quality bearing, oscillating in air, has a high Q, while a pendulum immersed in oil has a low one. Resonators with high quality factors have low damping so that they ring longer

Global Harmonization and the Enterprise Compliance System
Harmonization is combining business systems into a single environment. By harmonizing your systems, you can alieviate some of the complexity in business systems. Harmonization provides a common platform for systems, while enabling each business unit to keep their unique processes
Harmonization can reduce cost of support, system administration. Harmonization also increases visibility across the enterprise. Harmonization increases knowledge sharing too.
Standardized Quality
Standardization should have Simplicity to reduce complexity, Integrated to other Quality processes and product control systems, Standardized for all Divisions, Scalable to easily add other divisions and processes, Compliance to all applicable regulations.

Power Quality Innovation in Harmonic Filtering
Power quality has become a great concern for both energy suppliers and their customers because the increasing use of sensitive devices and the significant consequences of a poor power quality for the competitiveness of the companies.The increasing developments need increasing use of electricity. While meeting this power demand, there causes a pollution in electrical system called Harmonics. The harmonics are integer multiples of fundamental currents/voltages. Substantial presence of harmonics results in excessive overheating of the equipments and other problems. Harmonics are created by non linear loads that draw current in abrupt pulses rather than in a smooth. Different problems due to harmonics have different solutions. In this paper we are going to present you the Basic concept of harmonics, their generation, problems created by them and HARMONIC FILTERATION as a solution for this problem of Harmonics. 

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