Telecommunication Engineering Final Year Projects 2014

Bluetooth-enabled Thermal Sensor

FPGA Realization of Fuzzy Wavelet Based Handwritten Character Recognition

Temperature Control Circuit for Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator

Comparitive Study of Resonators for Biosensor

Implementing Data Logging with Wireless Sensor Networks

Security Analysis in Wireless Networks

Solar Panel battery charger

Analysis of MEMS switches

Design of Free Space Optical Communication Link

Single Photon Detection for Quantum Key Distribution

Modeling of Power MEMS technology amplifier

Signal Generator Circuit With Multiple Sensor Sources Features

Contact-less Transmission of Signal Between Sensors and Conditioning Circuit

Analysis of interference effects on period-to-digital conversions

Single Photon Detection for Secure Communications using QKD

Oscillator design using surface acoustic wave resonator

Software based GPS receiver

Wireless Communication for Vehicle Safety

Joint Time-Frequency Analysis Using Wavelet Transform

QoS Analysis in WiMAX


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