WhatsApp Alternatives

Telegram is an Indian alternative for WhatsApp. Others includes Line, Tango and Viber. Google Hangouts and Blackberry Messangers can also be listed as WhatsApp alternative. But two popular ones now a days are Kik and We Chat


Unlike WhatsApp and other competitors, Kik doesn't require its users to have a mobile phone number. The Canadian company recently updated its Android and iOS apps to include a built-in browser, so users can browse and search the web, as well as use web apps without ever leaving Kik. The only thing users might find frustrating compared to WhatsApp is that Kik requires a username, not phone numbers, as a basis for accounts.

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Although China-based WeChat initially started as a more straightforward messaging service, it broadened its reach, transforming into a kind of social network. WeChat (formerly Weixin) offers its users a variety of ways to connect and share with each another, including messaging, photo-sharing, group chatting, voice and video calling, location sharing and friend discovery.

WeChat for iOS - Download Now

WeChat for Android - Download Now

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How to hide 'last seen' status on whatsapp for android, iphone and windows??

The WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, Windows update has brought the option to hide the 'last seen' notification, profile photo and status through privacy settings. To change these settings, simply go to WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy. If you don't share your last seen, you won't be able to see other people's last seen (continue reading.... )

WhatsApp Blue Tick - how to escape in android, iphone and windows??

Blue Tick in Whats App message is creating itches in many personal relation. Can we view messages in Whats App without Blue Tick

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