Latest Update :Android 4.0 * Galaxy S2 will update to Android ICS this year itself .

ANDROID EXPERT-clearing your doubts about Android

1)How to Download You Tube Videos in Android?

2)How to Edit a Video in Android?

3)Can we play AVI Files in Android?

4)Can we zoom a playing video in Android?

5)What are the major apps for playing Videos in Android?

6)How is Morphing possible in Android?

7)How to Hide a File in Android?

8)How to install a regional language font in Android?

9)How to Save battery in Android devices?

Android phones are victims of Battery failure. If you are web surfing battery will last only for 2-6 hours depending 

on your device. Only option to save battery is to control your self.Kindly note


Display will spoil your battery life. Adjust the brightness to minimum when not in use

2G/3G Mode

Network mode also reduce your battery.Try to use in 2G mode where ever 3G is not available

Running Apps

Plenty of running apps that not in use will reduce your battery.Install Task Manager apps so that all unwanted running apps will be closed


E-mail & Social Network syncronizing will spoil lot of your battery.Stop it while not in use

If you reduce your brightness, stop internet and use in 2G mode your battery will last more than one day

Some people criticise us by saying what is the benefit of purchasing smartphone by paying huge amount if we are viewing in less brightness.Once again we made clear that when ever you are not using it reduce your brigthness.

If you install GO Launcher apps you can control all these from a single touch from your home screen itself. Kindly refer question 24 for details about this app.


10)What are the major Browsers used in Android?

11)Can we hide sms or contact from a single number in Android?

12)How to Edit an Image in Android?

13)How to sent Free SMS through Android?

14)Can i get back my Android phone if i lost it?

15)What apps are used for viewing TV channels in Android?

16)What are the Famous Games in Android?

17)How to read Face Book Malayalam Font in Android?

18)What are the Crazy apps used in Android?

19)Some apps in Android Market ask to pay money.Where should i Pay?

20)Can i upload my own Android apps to Android Market?

21)Which is the best application for Video Call in Android?

22)Where Should i get nice Themes,Screen savers & Wall papers for Android?

23)Tell me the best Android apps for Chatting?

24)What is "GO Market" in Android?

25)How can i read & write Microsoft Office,Power Point,Excel etc. in Android?

26)Is there any apps to block bad websites in Android?

27)Let me know major Android apps in Medical Field?

28)How Can i update my Android Smart Phone to latest Version?

29)My Key board is too Small..How to install big alphabets in Android Keypad?

30)How can i open a file from computer/Laptop in my home using my Android smart phone in Office?

31)Travel is my passion.Please tell me a good app for it?

32)How Can i watch Cricket Match Live in Android?

33)Suggest me best Android Smart Phones?

34)How can control TV using Android?

35)What are the best Android apps for Online Shopping?

36) What is WiFi tethering in Android?

37)How your Android Device selfly greet your friends on there Birthday even though you forgot it?

38)My phone have plenty of Android apps here & there.Is it possible to arrange by category?

39) How to Hack Android?

40)What are the best Security Apps for Android?