Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers

66. What is stepper motor?

it is an electrical machine which acts up on pulse applied to it

67. what are the advantage of free wheeling diode in a full wave rectifier?

It reduces the harmonics and it also reduces sparking and arching across mechanical switch so that it reduces the voltage spike seen in a inductive load

68. What is Current?

Current can be defined as the motion of charge through a conducting material.

69. What is Voltage Divider Rule?

Voltage divider rule provides a useful formula to determine the voltage across any resistor when two or more resistors are connected in series with a voltage source.

70. How to calculate Energy stored in an inductance?

Energy stored =1/2 L I2 Joules where L is in henries and I is in amps

71. What is Corkscrew Rule?

As current flows along a wire, the magnetic field rotates in the direction of a corkscrew.

72. What is Current Divider Rule (CDR)?

Current divider rule provides a useful relationship for determining the current through individual circuit elements that are connected in parallel.

73. Briefly explain the purpose of Inductor in an electric circuit?

An inductor is a piece of conducting wire generally wrapped around a core of a ferromagnetic material. Like capacitors, they are employed as filters as well but the most well known application is their use in AC transformers or power supplies that converts AC voltage levels.

74. Define Ohm’s Law for A.C?

Everything else would remain same only the resistance will be replaced with Impedance, which is defined as the opposition to the flow of A.C.

75. Could you measure current in parallel?

No, Current is always measured through (in series with) a circuit element.

76. Tell me Norton’s Theorem??

Any two-terminal, linear circuit, of resistors and sources, can be replaced by a single current source in parallel with a resistor

77. What do you know about dependent voltage source?

output of a dependent source is subject to a certain parameter (voltage or current) change in a circuit element.

78. What do you mean by independent voltage sources?

An independent source produces its own voltage and current through some chemical reaction and does not depend on any other voltage or current variable in the circuit.


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