Basic Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

66. Why rate of condensation is higher on a polished surface compared to rusty surface?

Polished surface promotes drop wise condensation and does not wet the surface.

67. the names given to constant temperature


68. the names given to constant pressure


69. the names given to constant volume


70. the names given to constant volume


71. Throttling and adiabatic processes are names given for......

constant enthalpy, and constant entropy processes

72. the names given to constant volume


73. Explain Scavenging?

Scavenging is process of flushing out burnt gases from engine cylinder by introducing fresh air in the cylinder before exhaust stroke ends.

74. What is your plan affter mechanical engineering?

say your self (hint: job oriented courses, masters, job etc.)

75. What seminar you presented for mechanical engineering?

say about seminar you have taken

76. What you mean by quantitative research?

Quantitative research involves gathering data that is absolute, such as numerical data, so that it can be examined in as unbiased a manner as possible.

77. What is an accident ?

An accident is a unexpected and unforeseen event which may or may not injury to a person or a machine tool.

78. What is a drawing?

It is a graphical representation of a real thing to define and specify the shape and size of a particular object by means of lines.


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