Latest News:12 April 2012 * French energy giant Total SA has reached an agreement with China's Sinopec on a joint venture for shale gas and refining..


China to get two kilogram lunar soil

Preparations are on in China to launch a moon mission and bring about two kilogram of lunar soil samples to Earth as a part of the third phase of the lunar exploration programme. 

China Telecom's 3G subscribers cross 41.5 million

The leading telecom operator in country with largest number of population China Telecom announced operational data for February, the month new the CMDA users 3.08 million, of which 2.45 million 3G subscribers, as of the end of February, China Telecom CDMA subscribers totaled 1.3233 billion households, 3G users reached 41.15 million.

Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment Sucessfully in Progress

An Experiment to know wheather earth is made up of Matter or Anti Matter have sucessfully in progress at Hongkong.According to new findings our Read More

Android Phones use Jelly Bean from 2013

Android's next os update is likely to be called as Jelly Bean.Smartphones releasing from next year oneards will replace present Icecream version.Experts told us that Updating Android fromRead More

Does Time Line Destroy Family Relations?

Timeline is mandatory for all Facebook users across Globe.Many have switched to Timeline version in past weeks.Timeline makes fb more intresting.But the negative factor is that it keep all datas we have entered while we join fb onwards and we recive Read Full Story

Galaxy S2 will update to Ice Cream Sandwich soon

Samsung offically confirmed that it's best selling Galaxy s2 smart phone will update from Andrid 2.3 to 4.0 version.The update will occur in Read Full Story