If you have completed Electronics and Communication Engineering plenty of Job Oriented Courses are waiting for you. pursuing further studies specialise in a particular course earns you more salary. It will also give you an advantage during interviews. Courses varies from Networking like CCNA,CCNP etc., Broadcast Engineering, Nanotechnology in Electronics etc. Job oriented Courses are listed below

Microelectronics Technology

Short Term Training course on "Embedded System"

Electronic Design Automation

Short Term Course on CMOS Digital IC Design

Evolutionary Computing Techniques with Engineering Applications

Advanced topics in DSP with applications to Communication and Instrumentation

Digital Signal Processing

Computer Simulation of Engineering Systems using MATLAB & its Toolboxes

VLSI Design & Related Software

Computer Aided PCB Design

PCB Design & Fabrication Techniques

Fibre optic techniques & applications

Advanced Course in Power Electronics

Electrical & Electronics Instrumentation

RF Engineering

M.Tech specializations in Electronics and Communication Engineering

All job oriented courses listed above are short term courses. it's duration varies from three months to one year. If you wish to got a Masters degree affter Electronics & Communication Engineering plenty of post graduation courses in the field of Electronics. Duration of these courses are two years...    >>>>Continue reading 

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