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Einstein's equation E=mc2 is correct in flat space,wrong in curved space

According to the Theory of General Relativity, objects curve the space around them. Researcher Andrei Lebed has proposed an experiment using a space probe carrying hydrogen atoms to test his finding that the equation E=mc2 is correct in flat space, but not in curved space.

New nanomaterial 'may help speed up technology'

Australian scientists have produced a new two-dimensional nano material they believe could revolutionise the electronics market with thinner, faster and lighter gadgets

Researchers develop nicotine-free, disposable e-cigarette

Researchers have developed a new electronic cigarette which they claim has none of the nicotine found in many existing e-cigarettes.

Earth Made of Matter nor Anti Matter?

Measurements Hint Why the Universe Is Dominated by Matter, Not Anti-Matter.A collaboration with major participation by physicists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has made a precise measurement of elusive, nearly massless particles, and obtained a crucial hint as to why the universe is dominated by matter, not by its close relative, anti-matter..

Engineers Day Celebrates on September 15 2013

Engineering community in India is celeberates Engineers Day on September 15,2013.Reason for celebrating Engineers Day in India is Read Full Story

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