Engineers Day : September 15,2018 * Engineers Day is Celebrated in India on September 15 every year to remember birthday of ancient engineer Visvesvaraya...

Engineers Day Theme 2018

Engineers Day Theme 2018

The theme of Engineers Day in India 2018 was Digital Transformation: A New Industrial Revolution".

The theme of Engineers Day in India 2017 was “Role of Engineers in a Developing India”.

The theme of Engineers Day in India 2016 was “Skill Development for Young Engineers to Reform the Core Sector: Vision 2025”.

The theme of Engineers Day in India 2015 was “Engineering Challenges for Knowledge Era”.

The theme of Engineers Day in India 2014 was “Making Indian Engineering World-Class”.

The theme of Engineers Day in India 2013 was ‘Frugal Engineering-Achieving More with Fewer Resources”.

The theme of Engineers Day in India 2012 was Engineering Preparedness for Disaster Mitigation.

The theme of Engineers Day in India 2011 was “Engineering Preparedness for Disaster Mitigation”.

The theme of Engineers Day in India 2010 was “Impending Paradigm Shift in Engineering Sciences and Future Challenges”.

The theme of Engineers Day in India 2009 was “Green is the theme for this year.”

Tremendous developments are taking place in science, technology and engineering world over and the knowledge has become the new currency of national economics. Engineers have a pre-eminent role in the knowledge economy. Innovation of new products and processes form the core of new knowledge which has to be governed by intellectual property rights related safe guards including applicability of Cyber loss. Changing technologies, disruptive technologies and path breaking technological developments will have to be mastered exploited in all engineering disciplines.

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Engineers Day 2013 Theme (Frugal Engineering – Achieving More with Fewer Resources)

Promoting research and development, nurturing entrepreneurship and succeeding in making world class products all will form major activities in this regard. Further interdisciplinary team efforts are needed to succeed in mapping the benefits of knowledge economy.

Technology manpower planning in the networked economy hinges on developing base of skilled and knowledgeable manpower of high calibre to usher in a talent-drive economic revolution. Both the Industry and Academia has equal responsibility to share to ensure that the engineers become ready to face the growing and ever-changing need in this knowledge era.

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