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Does Time Line Destroy Family Relations?

Himanshu Mishra is working as a software Engineer in Gurgaon.28 year old young Engineer from Ghazipur(border village of UP & Bihar) writes to Engineers World.His Marriage was almost six months back.Now in his Facebook account along with 321 friends his wife also become a friend."I have uploaded photo's of Excursion with my Girl Friend two years back.I have only 20 friends & all known us personally at that time.I also forget photos of thoose days i have uploaded" he said."I have shocked when my wife call me violent from the office saying that she saw me kissing in pub with some other girls.If your past days where like this i will not marry you" he added.His wife left him to her house and this incident hurt him a lot becuase she was four months in pergenancy stage.

Plenty of similar incidents are reported from Many parts of world.If you click"see older post" a dozen of time you can see what your friends are posted from the time they become a part of fb.You can also go through dates.If you are an Employee imagine your boss view past status you updated while quiting one company?Similarly certain images or things you hide from relatives,teachers,parents,girl/boy friend etc. become public if you are a friend of them.It is possible to hide datas and keep your account safety by going privacy settings.Some cyber ceurity firms told "Engineers World" that this will not be effective for 60 percent Fb users.

Every users will not login to there FB account daily.Some users may quit to certain other social networking sites.Hence inactive users will be a great victim of timeline.Moreover we said previously that it's possible to hide datas of past;but how many of fb users know to adjust privacy setting & account settings?All users are not computer professional or internet experts.Hence persons with less knowledge in fb will also become a victim of timeline

Some solutions are: Click on Activity Log to see all of your posts at a glance and make changes to them one by one(better to open Facebook in a new window).You can change privacy settings on individual items to control who has access. You might want to narrow embarrassing photos to your closest friends or delete some posts completely, or at least hide them so only you can see them.