Engineers Day :September 15,2014 * Engineers Day is Celebrated in India on September 15 every year to remember birthday of ancient engineer Visvesvaraya...

First Engineers in India

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya, an eminent Indian engineer (from College Of Engg., Pune(COEP)) and statesman born in Muddenahalli-Kanivenarayanapura in present day Karnataka. He served as the chief engineer during construction of Krishna Raja Sagara on the Kaveri River near Mysore. He also built many dams in the Bombay presidency (present day Maharashtra). The dams built by him are still functional even today, a testimony to his brilliance, skill, honesty and dedication. So 15 September, Engineer's Day, is quite a remarkable tribute to the greatest Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna M. Visvesvarayya

First Engineer in India - Mokshamundam Vishweshwaraiyya
First Woman Engineer in India - Ila Ghosh 
First Civil Engineer in India - Vishweshwaraiyya
First Mechanical Engineer in India
First Electrical Engineer in India
First Computer Engineer in India

Nawaz Jung Bahadur

Nawaz Jung Bahadur,son of soil and creator of projects like Osman Sagar, Nizam Sagar, Kadam project, Himayat Sagar, Wyra, Osmania University, Osmania Hospital and several other prestigious constructions that are iconic to Telangana till today. When the whole nation is celebrating Engineers day on September 15 the newly formed state Telangana celebrate Engineers Day on July 11th, the birth day of Nawaz Jung Bahadur.He was responsible for large irrigation projects viz., Wyra, Paler, the Fateh Nahar, and bridges. One of his prize design projects was the Nizamsagar dam.The Hyderabad House in Delhi was also designed and constructed under his supervision.

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