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Gate Questions for Botany likely to be asked for Gate 2014 is given here. Sample Questions given here will be helpful for all writing life sciences XL paper in Gate 2014. Model Question Papers with Answers for Botany have been prepared affter evaluating previous years questions in Gate.


Which one of the following drugs is obtained from the capsule of Papaver somniferum?
(A) Papain (B) Codeine (C) Digoxin (D) Bromelain

Carbon dioxide and other ‘greenhouse gases’ act by
(A) destroying ozone in the stratosphere
(B) trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere 
(C) allowing more visible light to reach the earth’s surface
(D) reducing the amount of radiant energy which reaches the surface of the earth

The swollen base of a petiole is known as
(A) Ligule (B) Hastule (C) Pulvinus (D) Stipule

An estimate of phylogenetic relationships among the taxa is commonly represented in the form of a 
(A)Cladogram (B) Idiogram (C) Phenogram (D) Dendrogram

Parenchyma cells associated with sieve tube members are called
(A) Albuminous cells (B) Companion cells (C) Bulliform cells (D) Subsidiary cells

The number of nucleosomes present in a 30 nm solenoid structure of a chromatin is
(A) 2 (B) 4 (C) 6 (D) 8 

Which one of the following is a free-living photosynthetic nitrogen fixer?
(A) Frankia (B) Clostridium (C) Rhodospirillum (D) Rhizobium

Match the name of the disease with the causal organism.
Disease Causal organism
P. Black rot of sugarcane                       1. Cercospora personata
Q. Stem rot of jute                                     2. Macrophomina phaseolina
R. Tikka disease of groundnut             3. Ceratocystis adiposa 
S. Crown gall of grapes                       4. Synchytrium endobioticum
                                                                   5. Agrobacterium tumefaciens 
                                                                    6. Colletotrichum corchorum
(A)            (B)                    (C)              (D) 
P-1           P-2                 P-3                  P-2
Q-3          Q-3                  Q-2                 Q-6
R-6         R-1                   R-1                   R-3
S-5         S-5                   S-5                     S-4

With respect to adhesion and cohesion of stamens, identify the INCORRECT statements.
P. Adnation of stamens to petals is described as epiphyllous stamens
Q. In Calotropis, stamens and carpels are united to form gynostegium
R. In syngenesious stamens, filaments are united to form a bundle while the anthers are free
S. Synandrous stamens found in Cucurbita represent the union of filaments as well as anthers
(A) P, Q (B) P, R (C) Q, S (D) Q, R

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