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GATE Questions of Food Technology 2014

Gate Questions for Food Technology likely to be asked for Gate 2014 is given here. Sample Questions given here will be helpful for all writing Engineering Science or Life Sciences paper in Gate 2014. Model Question Papers with Answers for Food Technology have been prepared affter evaluating previous years questions in Gate.


Kawashiorkor disease is caused due to the deficiency of 
(A) lysine (B) unsaturated fatty acids (C) vitamin K (D) protein

Which of the following statements is TRUE in case of oxidative rancidity of vegetable oils and 
(A) It is caused by the reaction of saturated fatty acids and oxygen
(B) It involves polymerization of fatty acids
(C) It is caused by the reaction of unsaturated fatty acids with oxygen
(D) It is caused by oxidative enzymes

The food borne disease, Q fever is caused by the organism,
(A) Clostridium perfringens (B) Coxiella burnetti (C) Bacillus cereus (D) Staphylococcus aureus

The primary bacterial spoilage of poultry meat at low temperature, with characteristic sliminess at 
outer surface, is caused by 
(A) Pseudomonas spp. (B) Aspergillus spp. (C) Bacillus spp. (D) Candida spp.

The weight gain (in gram) per gram protein consumed is called
(A) Net Protein Ratio (NPR) (B) Biological Value (BV)
(C) Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) (D) Chemical Score (CS)

Which of the following carbohydrates is NOT classified as dietary fibre? 
(A) Agar (B) Pectin (C) Sodium alginate (D) Tapioca starch

The most common and least expensive plastic film used for packaging of solid food materials is 
(A) Polyethylene (B) Polystyrene (C) Polypropylene (D) Polyvinylchloride

Reassociation of amylose and formation of crystalline structure upon cooling of cooked starch 
solution is termed as
(A) Synersis (B) Gelatinization (C) Retrogradation (D) Denaturation

Thermal destruction of microorganisms follows a kinetics of
(A) Zero order (B) First order (C) Second order (D) Fractional order

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