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GATE Questions of Mechanical Engineering 2014

Gate Questions for Mechanical Engineering likely to be asked for Gate 2014 is given here. Sample Questions given here will be helpful for all writing ME paper in Gate 2014. Model Question Papers with Answers for Mechanical Engineering have been prepared affter evaluating previous years questions in Gate.


For a ductile material, toughness is a measure of 
(A) resistance to scratching (B) ability to absorb energy up to fracture 
(C) ability to absorb energy till elastic limit (D) resistance to indentation

In order to have maximum power from a Pelton turbine, the bucket speed must be 
(A) equal to the jet speed. (B) equal to half of the jet speed. 
(C) equal to twice the jet speed. (D) independent of the jet speed.

If two nodes are observed at a frequency of 1800 rpm during whirling of a simply supported long 
slender rotating shaft, the first critical speed of the shaft in rpm is 
(A) 200 (B) 450 (C) 600 (D) 900 

A planar closed kinematic chain is formed with rigid links PQ = 2.0 m, QR = 3.0 m, RS = 2.5 m
and SP = 2.7 m with all revolute joints. The link to be fixed to obtain a double rocker (rockerrocker) mechanism is 
(A) PQ (B) QR (C) RS (D) SP 

Let X be a normal random variable with mean 1 and variance 4. The probability P{X < 0} is 
(A) 0.5 (B) greater than zero and less than 0.5 
(C) greater than 0.5 and less than 1.0 (D) 1.0  

In a CAD package, mirror image of a 2D point P(5,10) is to be obtained about a line which passes 
through the origin and makes an angle of 45° counterclockwise with the X-axis. The coordinates of 
the transformed point will be 
(A) (7.5, 5) (B) (10, 5) (C) (7.5, −5) (D) (10, −5) 

The pressure, temperature and velocity of air flowing in a pipe are 5 bar, 500 K and 50 m/s, 
respectively. The specific heats of air at constant pressure and at constant volume are 1.005 kJ/kgK
and 0.718 kJ/kgK, respectively. Neglect potential energy. If the pressure and temperature of the 
surroundings are 1 bar and 300 K, respectively, the available energy in kJ/kg of the air stream is 
(A) 170 (B) 187 (C) 191 (D) 213

The probability that a student knows the correct answer to a multiple choice question is 
2/3. If the student does not know the answer, then the student guesses the answer. The probability of the guessed answer being correct is 1/4. Given that the student has answered the question correctly, the 
conditional probability that the student knows the correct answer is
(A) 2/3 (B) 3/4 (C) 5/6 (D)8/9

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