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Gate Questions for Microbiology likely to be asked for Gate 2014 is given here. Sample Questions given here will be helpful for all writing life sciences XL paper in Gate 2014. Model Question Papers with Answers for Microbiology have been prepared affter evaluating previous years questions in Gate.


Which ONE of the following components is NOT an electron acceptor during anaerobic respiration?
(A) Lactate (B) Carbonate (C) Nitrate (D) Sulphate 

Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology groups bacteria into species according to their
(A) nutritional requirement (B) phylogenetic relationships
(C) pathogenic properties (D) morphology

An auxotrophic mutant arises spontaneously in a wild type E.coli culture growing in a rich medium. 
Which ONE of the following techniques will ensure the isolation of the auxotrophic mutant?
(A) Replica plating (B) Streaking for single colonies
(C) Pour plating method (D) Direct microscopic observation

Antibody coated pathogens are recognized by effector cells through 
(A) CD4 receptor (B) FC receptor (C) CD8 receptor (D) IFN gamma receptor

Which ONE of the following mutants is used to carry out genetic analysis to determine the function 
of an essential gene? 
(A) Knock out mutant (B) Deletion mutant (C) Insertion mutant (D) Temperature sensitive mutant

Which one of the following pairs of bacterial species fixes atmospheric Nitrogen?
(A) Clostridia and Rhizobia (B) Clostridia and Lactobacillus
(C) Rhizobia and Enterococcus (D) Actinomycetes and Mycoplasmat 

An E.coli mutant defective for an enzyme is unable to grow on acetate but grows on glycerol as the 
sole carbon source. Which ONE of the following enzymes is likely to be defective in this mutant?
(A) Isocitrate dehydrogenase (B) Glyceraldehyde 3-phospahte dehydrogenase
(C) Pyruvate dehydrogenase (D) Isocitrate lyase 

Frederick Griffith used smooth (S) and rough (R) strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae in his 
classical experiment that showed DNA might be the genetic element. Which ONE of the following 
observations gave the clue for this discovery?
(A) R strain became S strain when mixed with heat killed S strain 
(B) R strain remained R strain when mixed with heat killed S strain
(C) S strain became R strain when mixed with heat killed R strain
(D) R strain became S strain when mixed with live S strain

Methane belched (eructation) out by cattle arises from the carbon dioxide produced
(A) during normal respiration (B) oxidation of food stuff occurring in mitochondria
(C) lactic acid fermentation occurring in muscles (D) bacterial fermentation occurring in the gut

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