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GATE Questions of Solid Mechanics 2014

Gate Questions for Solid Mechanics likely to be asked for Gate 2014 is given here. Sample Questions given here will be helpful for all writing XE paper in Gate 2014. Model Question Papers with Answers for Solid Mechanics have been prepared affter evaluating previous years questions in Gate.


A disk of mass m = 0.25g and radius r =10 mm is at rest relative to a mass-less horizontal 
turntable spinning about a vertical axis at an angular speed of w = 2 rad/s. The turntable is 
assumed to be mounted on frictionless bearings. Another identical, initially non-rotating disk is 
dropped onto the spinning disk. Friction causes both disks (and the turntable) to eventually rotate at 
the same angular speed. The eventual angular speed of the disks is 
(A) 0.15 rad/s (B) 1 rad/s (C) 2 rad/s (D) 4 rad/s 

A hollow shaft and a solid shaft constructed of the same material have the same length and the 
same outer radius R. The inner radius of the hollow shaft is 0.6 R. Assuming that both shafts are 
subjected to the same torque, the ratio of the maximum shear stress in the hollow shaft to that in the 
solid shaft is
(A) 1.1 (B) 1.2 (C) 1.15 (D) 0.95

Consider a simply supported beam loaded either by a uniformly distributed transverse load or by a 
concentrated transverse load applied at the center such that the maximum bending stress in both 
cases is the same. The ratio of the strain energy for the two cases is
(A) 4/5 (B) 5/8 (C) 8/5 (D) 1

A steel cylindrical pressure vessel has an inner radius of 1.8 m and a wall thickness of 20 mm. 
Q.For an internal pressure of 800 kPa the maximum shear stress for the cylindrical part of the vessel is
(A) 16 MPa (B) 18 MPa (C) 20 MPa (D) 0
Q. At which of the following internal pressures will the cylindrical vessel yield as per the Tresca 
criterion if the yield strength of the material in tension is 320 MPa 
(A) 3.55 MPa (B) 7.1 MPa (C) 1.775 MPa (D) 4.0 MPa

A strain gauge is mounted on the outer surface of a thin cylindrical pressure vessel in the 
circumferential direction. The mean diameter and thickness of the cylinder are 4.0 m and 20 mm, 
respectively. Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio of the material of the cylinder are 200 GPa and 
0.25, respectively. Find the pressure in MPa inside the cylindrical vessel when the strain gauge 
indicates a strain of 7.0x 10 rasied to -4

A spring balance reads 10 kg in a lift when the lift is stationary. When the lift starts moving with a 
constant acceleration, the new reading is 12.3 kg. If the upward acceleration is considered positive, 
what is the acceleration of the lift? Acceleration due to gravity may be taken as 10 m/s2 downwards.

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