Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers

79. what is ACSR cable and where we use it?

ACSR means Aluminium conductor steel reinforced, this conductor is used in transmission & distribution.

80. How Can You Start-Up The 40w Tube Lite With 230v AC/DC Without Using Any Choke/Coil?

It's possible by means of Electronic choke.otherwise it's not possible to ionize the particles in tube. Light, with normal voltage.

81. What are the advantages of speed control using thyristor?

Fast Switching Characterstics than Mosfet, BJT, IGBT . It also has Low cost and Higher Accuracy.

82. Why Human body feel Electric shock ?

becuase our body is a pretty good conductor of electricity

83. what is meant by armature reaction?

The effect of armature flux to main flux is called armature reaction. The armature flux may support main flux or opposes main flux.

84. why, when birds sit on transmission lines or current wires doesn't get shock?

if birds touch the single one line (phase or neutral) they don't get electrical shock... If birds touch 2 lines than the circuit is closed and they get electrical shock..

85. Electromotive force is provided by.........

electric current

86. In a microprocessor, the address of the next instruction could be executed, is stored in .......

program counter

87. An open loop system represented by the transfer function G(s) = (s-1) / (s+2)(s+3) is (a) Stable and of the minimum phase type (b) Stable and of the non-minimum phase type (c) Unstable and of the minimum phase type (d) Unstable and of the non-minimum phase type

Answer - b

88. The differentiator has a transfer function whose (a) Phase increases linearly with frequency (b) Amplitude remains constant (c) Amplitude increases linearly with frequency (d) Amplitude decreases linearly with frequency

Answer - a


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