Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

79. Explain position of views in first angle projection?

In first angle projection the top view is positioned below the front view with the left side

80. How does Welding damage Eye sight?

An Electric welding arc produces Ultraviolet light and the UV light (Sun burn) will damage the retina. Welding shields or Goggles with the proper shade (Automatic shading) of lens is the best protection for welders.

81. Principle effect of humidity is.......


82. Antifriction bearings are thick lubricated bearing - True or False

False (it is ball & roller bearing)

83. What size of material required for making rolled threads - Pitch diameter or Root diameter or Major diameter?

Pitch diameter

84. In mechanics point of view projectile don’t have any particular shape - Agree or not?


85. What are the differences between Weight and Mass?

Mass is a measure of how much matter an object has. Mass is specified in Gram or Kilograms. Weight is a measure of how strongly gravity pulls on that matter. Force is measured in Newton’s. F=m.g

86. Why do you have Truss Bridges?

Truss bridges carry load in tension and compression rather than bending (Self weight + The weight of vehicles crossing it + Wind loads). A truss has the ability to dissipate a load through the truss work. The beams are usually arranged in a repeated triangular pattern, since a triangle cannot be distorted by stress.

87. Have you been involved in managing or leading a team or projects?

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