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Top 10 New Technology Gadgets 2013

Tesla Model S  

As electric cars go, Tesla’s model S represents the first genuine alternative to a mid-range saloon. For $59,000 - roughly £40, 000 - Tesla will deliver a saloon like no other. The interior of the Model S is unparalleled and features a huge interactive centre console display not found even in the most expensive of saloons.Then there is the five second 0-60 time and 300 mile range on a single charge. Combine all this and you have a fantastic car at a decent price that just happens to be electric. This could be the vehicle that kick starts the electric car revolution. 

Xbox 720 

Wii U aside, console gamers have been long overdue a new piece of hardware to get stuck into. The Xbox 720, or whatever name it eventually launches with, is most definitely that.What to expect? Well right now, the rumours point to a lack of announcement at E3 in 2013, with Microsoft instead going for a specific 720 launch event.These have been further backed up with a recently leaked Bungie contract for the game Destiny, which made reference to the "next Xbox".A new version of Kinect should also launch alongside the console, as well as much revamped internals, including, we hope, a Blu-ray player.

Retina iPad mini
After Apple unveiled its 7-inch iPad to the world this past October, everyone scolded the Cupertino company for its decision to exclude the Retina Display. So it comes as no surprise that talks of a next-gen model bearing the industry-leading panel have come to fruition. According to reports Apple is close to putting the iPad Mini Retina into production and has even pushed up its launch date. All other details remain unknown.
Amazon Kindle phone
Amazon already makes big waves in the affordable tablet world with its Kindle Fire HD. 

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Engineers World thinks that some of gadgets namely Retina iPad mini,Xbox 720,Amazon Kindle phone,Mozilla Firefox mobile operating system,Google Project Glass,Tesla Model S,BlackBerry 10,Samsung Galaxy S IV,Sony Xperia Z / Yuga can create waves among tech lovers in 2013.