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KEAM 2014 - Engineering Counselling

KEAM 2014 Counselling and allotment of seats for KEAM 2014 will be through the Centralized Allotment Process (CAP 2014) with online submission of options.Options can be registered only through the website ""


The Centralised Allotment Process will be done online to give allotments to the various courses and colleges under the Engineering/ Architecture/Medical streams (except MBBS/BDS Courses) in the State,
Based on the options submitted by the candidates who have been included in the rank list of the Engineering/Architecture/ Medical/Ayurveda courses for KEAM-2014, conducted by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE), Kerala.
CAP is a system of ‘Allotments through Online Submission of Options’.
The allotments will be strictly based on the options exercised by the candidates, the rank obtained and eligible reservations of the candidate.

Candidates should register options only to those courses/colleges which they are sure to join on allotment. If the candidate fails to remit fee/join the college, he/she will not be eligible for any further allotment in any stream.
Rules and regulations governing allotments through submission of options:

Candidate to register options:

Candidates have to register their options separately through the link concerned for CAP-2014.
Registering Options:

Options can be registered only through the website "".
Candidates will have to register their options in a stream or different streams (based on their eligibility) in the ‘Home Page’ of the candidate through the website within the stipulated period of time.
Facility for Registering Options:

Candidates can register their options within the time schedule specified, using any computer having internet facility.

Note:Candidates who do not have access to Internet facility can use the facility provided free of cost, by the Government at various centres across the state. ‘Option Facilitation Centres’ (OFC) and ‘Help Desks’.

(Help Desk) will be opened across the state during a specified period for the candidates who need assistance for registering their options.
The list of OFCs and HDs will be notified in due course. The OFC and HD will be functioning only during the period specified.
Eligibility for registering options:

Only those candidates included in the different Rank Lists published by the CEE for 2014 based on KEAM-2014 are eligible to register their options in the stream concerned.

Moreover, the candidates registering their options should satisfy all the eligibility conditions with respect to

Nativity Academic qualifications,
Age for admission
After satisfying all eligibility criteria candidate will be allotted to Professional Degree Courses 2014.

Academic eligibility should be satisfied on the date of admission for various Courses.

Principal/Head of the Institution will be personally responsible for verification of eligibility condition as prescribed in the Prospectus, when the candidate reports for admission.

Only those candidates who are found to be qualified as prescribed shall be admitted to the college/institution irrespective of the fact that he/she has an allotment through the CAP.

Essentials for registering options:

Candidates should have particulars such as Roll Number, Application Number and Key Number of KEAM 2014 assigned to them in order to register their options in the website.

Procedure for Registering Options:

Any candidate, who wishes to register his/her options, should have the 'Roll Number', ‘Application number’ and ‘Key number’ readily available with him/her.

The candidate must also have access to internet facility.

The candidate should follow the procedure given below for registering options:

(i) Accessing the website.

(ii) Logging on to the candidate's Home page by entering Roll no (the six-digit Number allotted by CEE to the candidate), Application No (the seven-digit number printed on the right top part of the facing sheet of the Application submitted by the candidate for KEAM 2014, Key no (16 digit alpha-numeric code provided on the Security Card)

(iii) Setting of a Password.

(iv) Registering of Options.

(v) Saving the Options registered.

(vi) Viewing and Printing of the List of Options registered.

(vii) Logging off from the Home Page.

Setting of a Password:

At first the candidate may enter his/her Roll Number in the box provided. Then click the 'Submit' button. The candidate is led to the second webpage,
Wherein he/she has to enter the Application Number, Key Number and set a password in the boxes provided.
The candidate has to re-enter the password for confirmation. This is mandatory for all candidates.
If a candidate does not set a password, he/she will not be able to register options.
Password must be alphanumeric (i.e. a combination of alphabets and numbers) having a minimum length of eight characters. [Examples: (a) milan123 (b) XYZ89E4U (c) we5782surya235 etc]. Any password entered will have to be remembered by the candidate. Remembering the Password is the responsibility of the candidate.
Courses and Colleges available for registering options:

A list of Courses (Course List) and Colleges (College List) for allotments through the CAP will be available in the Home page of the candidate based on the stream(s) the candidate is eligible for.

The ‘Course List’ link when clicked will show all the courses in the stream concerned with their two letter codes.

For example, a candidate included only in the Engineering stream will see the list of Engineering courses and their codes (Eg:- AE - Applied Electronics and Instrumentation, EC - Electronics and Communication Engineering, etc.).

The ‘College List’ link when clicked will show all the Colleges under the stream(s) applicable to the candidate and their three-letter codes

Procedure for registering options in his/her Home Page:

By entering the option number for a course-college combination the candidate can fix his/her preference numbers for the course-college combinations displayed in the Home Page.

Here all the eligible options of the candidate will be displayed course-wise and the candidate is expected to enter his/her preference number for a particular combination.

Registering of the Options and saving/revising the Options registered:

(i) All eligible options of the candidate will be displayed on the Home Page. The candidate may follow the directions given therein to register the options. The data entered may be saved regularly by clicking the ‘Save’ button, so that the data already entered is not lost due to unexpected reasons. The candidate should enter only those options in which he/she is interested. Candidates should also note that he/she will be considered for allotment only to those courses and colleges opted by him/her.

Existing options, registered by the candidate and available in the Home Page, can be

cancelled by entering the number '0' against that particular option to be cancelled and by clicking the 'Update' button.

(ii) Option Worksheet facility:

If a candidate experiences any difficulty in entering the data directly, he/she may first take a printout of the worksheet showing all the options he/she is eligible for, by clicking on the ‘OPTION WORKSHEET’ or ‘DETAILED OPTION WORKSHEET’ link on the page. The desired entries may be made on this work sheet and the same may be used for registering the options on the website. The preference numbers may be fixed using this 35 KEAM-2014, © CEE, TVM worksheet and the data may be entered in the system subsequently.

A candidate has the facility to modify or rearrange his/her earlier options before the last date and time fixed.

Viewing and Printing of the Option List based on the options registered:

Once the Candidate completes the option entry; he/she can view his/her options by clicking on the link provided. An option list will be generated and the candidate can take a printout of the same and keep it for future reference. If the candidate wants to change his/her options already registered, he/she may revise the options as desired and ensure that the option list has come as per his/her preferences.

Logging off from the Home page:

This action is compulsory for preventing the misuse of his/her Home Page by strangers.

Rearranging option priority:

A candidate may change his/her option priority any number of times within the time schedule permitted. The priority of options registered at the time of closing of the facility for registering options alone will be considered for processing.

Trial Allotments:

The CEE will conduct Trial Allotment before the closure of the time fixed for registering options to give an idea about the chances of getting allotment to a course and college based on options and rank of the candidate.

The trial Allotment does not guarantee that the candidate will get allotment in a college or course.

Processing of Options and Allotment:

Allotment Schedule: Will be notified by CEE

Remittance of Fee: The prescribed fee for the Course will have to be remitted by the Candidate to the CEE Account in specified branches of State Bank of Travancore (SBT) to be notified by the CEE, as per the time schedule prescribed. After the candidate remits the fee in the first allotment, a fee receipt will be issued by the bank as token of allotment and remittance of fee.

Those candidates who do not remit the fee on or before the date prescribed for the same will lose their allotment as well as the eligibility for further Allotments in all streams.

Second Allotment will be published on the date specified.

Candidates who have not received any allotment in the first allotment and who have Received an allotment in the second allotment will have to remit the prescribed fee for the course allotted. If a candidate has a different allotment than the one received in the first allotment, the fee for which is higher than that remitted as per the first allotment, he/she will have to remit the difference in fee.

The amount to be remitted in this manner will be shown in the allotment memo of the candidate. If the fee for the course allotted in the second allotment is less than or same as the fee remitted as per the first allotment, no further remittance is to be made by the candidate.

The same process will be repeated in the subsequent allotments.

Admission for all courses:

Candidates allotted to courses, and who remit the fee as prescribed, should take admission in the college allotted as per the schedule prescribed by the CEE.

Note: Candidates who do not take admission will lose their allotment as well as the claims in all streams. The candidates are liable to pay admission fee as prescribed by the University concerned at the time of admission.

Cancellation of options/alteration of priority of options before each allotment:

Candidates who remit the fees as per each allotment within the prescribed time limit will have the facility to cancel/alter the priority of their higher order options in the list of options registered by them before the next allotment. This facility will be activated in the ‘Home Page’ of the candidates on the dates notified.

(i) After each allotment, the options below the ‘allotted one’ of the candidate will automatically be removed from the option list of the candidate.

(ii) If a candidate is satisfied with an allotment and does not want to be considered against his/her remaining options, he/she will have the facility to cancel all the remaining options.

(iii) The facility for cancellation/deletion/alteration will be available as notified, after which the facility will be withdrawn. A candidate retaining all or any of the options after each allotment is bound to accept the next allotment, if any, given to him/her failing which he/she will lose all the allotments/admission and will not be considered for any further online allotments under any stream.

Further Allotments:

Details regarding further allotments will be notified by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations.

Last Rank Details:

The last rank details of the allotment will be published after each Allotment and will be made available on the website. The last rank given will be the general rank of the candidate.

Other Rules related to registering of Options:

(i) Candidate can register all the available options if he/she desires so. However, it is not compulsory that the candidates should exercise all the options.

(ii) A candidate will not be allotted a seat, not opted by him/her.

(iii) A candidate is bound to accept an allotment as per the priority registered in the Option list and he/she has to surrender the seat already occupied by him/her, if he/she is allotted based on options furnished against arising/future vacancy.

(iv) Failure to report for admission in the allotted institution, after remitting the required fee within the stipulated time, on the specified date will result in the forfeiture of his/her allotment to that course and for any course in any stream. He/she will not be considered for online allotment to any future/arising vacancies in any stream.

Allotments as per guidelines:

Spot Allotment:

On the Spot allotment/admission for filling up the remaining vacant seats, if any, may be conducted after the completion of the online allotment process. A qualified candidate included in the rank lists concerned is entitled to attend the Spot Allotment/admission Process.

Note: Candidates who have obtained admission in Government Merit seats for a course shall not be eligible to participate in the Spot Allotment for that particular course.

Post Allotment Activities:

Reporting at the College:

Candidates who get allotment will have to report before the Principal/Head of the Institution concerned for admission on the dates notified with the following documents :

(a) Admit Card of the Entrance Examination 2014.

(b) Certificate to prove date of birth.

(c) Transfer Certificate from the Institution last attended and Conduct Certificate.

(d) Original mark list of the qualifying examination (Higher Secondary or equivalent) and the Pass certificate of the qualifying examination (if issued).

(e) Eligibility certificate from any University in Kerala, in the case of candidates who have passed a qualifying examination other than Higher Secondary Examination/Vocational Higher Secondary Examination conducted by Government of Kerala or the examination conducted by CBSE and CISCE.

(f) Migration Certificate, if applicable.

(g) Physical Fitness Certificate in the relevant format given in

Annexure XVII (a) or XVII (b) of the Prospectus 2014

(h) Receipt of fee remitted in the Bank.

(i) Mark Data sheet of the Entrance Examination.

(j) Any other documents required by the Head of Institution.

Note: The ‘Admission fee’ as prescribed by the University concerned to the course will have to be remitted by the candidate at the time of taking admission in the college.

Verification of Documents: The Principal/Head of the College or Institution shall be Personally responsible for verification and satisfaction of the correctness of the records produced by the candidate at the time of seeking admission in the college/institution.

Failure to pay the tuition fee/report for Admission : Candidates who do not pay the tuition fee or do not take admission on the prescribed date will lose their admission.

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