Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University / Kerala Technological university KTU First year (S1 S2) Syllabus for INTRODUCTION TO MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCES (BE101-02)

Module 5

Mechanisms & Machines: Introduction; Analysis and synthesis; terminology; definitions & assumptions; planar, spherical and spatial mechanisms, examples of mechanisms; mobility; classification of mechanisms; Grashof’s law; mechanical advantage; Mechanical Engineering design; types of design; design considerations; types of loads; factor of safety; codes & standards; economics of design; reliability; safety.

Module 6

Manufacturing Engineering & Materials: Introduction and history of materials and manufacturing; engineering materials; metals, alloys, composites, microstructures, heat treatment, physical properties of materials and material testing; methods of manufacturing; examples of manufactured products; Computer Integrated manufacturing; lean production & agile manufacturing; environmentally conscious design & manufacturing; organization for manufacture.

Text Book:


1. Landmarks in Mechanical Engineering- Rachel Maines, ASME

2. Engineering Thermodynamics – Spalding & Cole, ELBS & Edward Arnold (Pub) Ltd.

3. Thermodynamics- J P Holman, McGraw Hill Co.

4. Principles of Turbomachinery- William W Peng, John Wiley & Sons

5. Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals- John Heywood, McGraw Hill Publishers

6. Principles of Refrigeration- Roy J Dossat, PHI

7. Air Conditioning Principles & Systems- Edward G Pita, PHI

8. Automobile Engg- K K Jain & R B Asthana, TTTI Bhopal

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