Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University / Kerala Technological university KTU First year (S1 S2) Syllabus for BASICS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (ME100)

Module 1

Thermodynamics: Laws of Thermodynamics, significance and applications of laws of thermodynamics; entropy, available energy; Clausius inequality; principle of increase of entropy; Ideal and real gas equations; Analysis of Carnot cycle, Otto cycle , Diesel cycle and Brayton cycle; Efficiency of these cycles.

Module 2

Energy conversion devices: Boilers, Steam turbines, Gas turbines and Hydraulic turbines; Working principle of two stroke and four stroke I.C. Engines (Diesel and Petrol), Reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, rotary pumps, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, fans, blowers, rotary compressors; Air motor.

Module 3

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: Vapour compression and absorption refrigeration systems, COP, Study of household refrigerator, Energy Efficiency Rating, Psychrometry, Psychrometric processes, window air conditioner, split air conditioner. Ratings and selection criteria of above devices. Refrigerants and their impact on environment.

Module 4

Engines and Power Transmission Devices in Automobiles, Different types of engines used in automobiles, types of automobiles; major components and their functions (Description only); Fuels; Recent developments: CRDI, MPFI, Hybrid engines. Belts and belt drives; Chain drive; Rope drive; Gears and gear trains; friction clutch (cone and single plate), brakes (types and applications only); Applications of these devices.

Module 5

Materials and manufacturing processes: Engineering materials, Classification, properties, Alloys and their Applications; Casting, Sheet metal forming, Sheet metal cutting, Forging, Rolling, Extrusion, Metal joining processes - Powder metallurgy.

Module 6

Machine Tools (Basic elements, Working principle and types of operations) Lathe – Centre Lathe, Drilling Machine – Study of Pillar drilling machine, Shaper, planer, slotter, Milling Machine, Grinding machine, Power saw; Introduction to NC and CNC machines.

Text Book:

1. Fundamentals Of Mechanical Engineering – G S Sawhney– Phi

2. Basic Mechanical Engineering – Balachandran Owl Books

3. Basic Mechanical Engineering – J Benjamin Pentex Books


1. An Introduction To Mechanical Engineering Part I – Michael Clifford, Kathy Simmons And Philip Shipway. Crc Press

2. Basic And Applied Thermodynamics – P. K Nag – Tata Mcgraw-Hill

3. Basic Mechanical Engineering - Pravin Kumar

4. Fundamentals Of Ic Engines- Gill, Smith And Zuirys - Oxford And Ibh Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi

5. Roy And Choudhary, Elements Of Mechanical Engineering, Media Promoters & Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

6. Automobile Engineering, Crouse- Tata Mc-Graw-Hill, New Delhi



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