Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University / Kerala Technological university KTU First year (S1 S2) B.tech Syllabus for DESIGN AND ENGINEERING (BE102)

Module 1

Design and its objectives; Design constraints, Design functions, Design means and Design from; Role of Science, Engineering and Technology in design; Engineering as a business proposition; Functional and Strength Designs. Design form, function and strength;

How to initiate creative designs? Initiating the thinking process for designing a product of daily use. Need identification; Problem Statement; Market surveycustomer requirements; Design attributes and objectives; Ideation; Brain storming approaches; arriving at solutions; Closing on to the Design needs.

An Exercise in the process of design initiation. A simple problem is to be taken up to examine different solutionsCeiling fan? Group Presentation and discussion

Module 2

Design process- Different stages in design and their significance; Defining the design space; Analogies and “thinking outside of the box”; Quality function deployment-meeting what the customer wants; Evaluation and choosing of a design.

Design Communication; Realization of the concept into a configuration, drawing and model. Concept of “Complex is Simple”. Design for function and strength. Design detailing- Material selection, Design visualisation- Solid modelling; Detailed 2D drawings; Tolerancing; Use of standard items in design; Research needs in design; Energy needs of the design, both in its realization and in the applications.

An exercise in the detailed design of two products (Stapler/ door/clock)

Module 3

Prototyping- rapid prototyping; testing and evaluation of design; Design modifications; Freezing the design; Cost analysis.

Engineering the design – From prototype to product. Planning; Scheduling; Supply chains; inventory; handling; manufacturing/construction operations; storage; packaging; shipping; marketing; feed-back on design

List out the standards organizations. Prepare a list of standard items used in any engineering specialization. Develop any design with over 50% standard items as parts.

Module 4

Design for “X”; covering quality, reliability, safety, manufacturing/construction, assembly, maintenance, logistics, handling; disassembly; recycling; re-engineering etc.

List out the design requirements(x) for designing a rocket shell of 3 meter diameter and 8 meter length.

Design mineral water bottles that could be packed compactly for transportation.

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