Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University / Kerala Technological university KTU First year (S1 S2) B.tech Syllabus for ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY LAB (CY110)

Estimation Of Total Hardness – Edta Method.

Estimation Of Iron In Iron Ore.

Estimation Of Copper In Brass.

Estimation Of Dissolved Oxygen By Winklers Method.

Estimation Of Chloride In Water.

Preparation Of Urea Formaldehyde And Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin.

Determination Of Flash Point And Fire Point Of Oil By Pensky Martin Apparatus.

Determination Of Wavelength Of Absorption Maximum And Colorimetric Estimation Of Fe3+ In Solution.

Determination Of Molar Absorptivity Of A Compound Other Than Fe3+.

Analysis Of Ir Spectra Of Any Three Organic Compounds.

Analysis Of 1H Nmr Spectra Of Any Three Organic Compounds.

Calibration Of Ph Meter And Determination Of Ph Of A Solution.

Verification Of Nernst Equation For Electrochemical Cell.

Potentiometric Titrations: Acid – Base And Redox Titrations

Conductivity Measurements Of Salt Solutions.

Flame Photometric Estimation Of Na+ To Find Out The Salinity In Sand.

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