Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University / Kerala Technological university KTU First year (S1 S2) B.tech Syllabus for ENGINEERING PHYSICS (BE100)

Module 1

Oscillations and Waves Harmonic Oscillations: Differential equation of damped harmonic oscillation, forced harmonic oscillation and their solutions- Resonance, Q factor, Sharpness of resonance- LCR circuit as an electrical analogue of Mechanical Oscillator (Qualitative) Waves: One dimensional wave- differential equation and solution. Three dimensional waves – Differential equation & its solution. Transverse vibrations of a stretched string.

Module 2

Crystal Structure: Space lattice-Unit cell and lattice parameters-Directions and Planes in crystals- Miller indices- Interplanar spacing in terms of Miller indices. Braggs law- X-ray diffraction Superconductivity: Superconducting phenomena. Meissner effect. Type-I and Type-II superconductors. BCS theory (qualitative). High temperature superconductors.- Josephson Junction – SQUID- Applications of superconductors.

Module 3

Physical Optics Interference: Coherence. Interference in thin films and wedge shaped films (Reflected system) Newton’s rings-measurement of wavelength and refractive index of liquid Interference filters. Antireflection coating. Diffraction: Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction. Fraunhofer diffraction at a single slit. Plane transmission grating. Grating equation-measurement of wavelength. Rayleigh’s criterion for resolution. Resolving power and dispersive power of grating. Polarization of Light: Types of polarized light. Double refraction. Nicol Prism. Quarter wave plate and half wave plate. Production and detection of circularly and elliptically polarized light. Laurent’s Half shade Polarimeter- Kerr Cell - Polaroids & applications.

Module 4

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics Quantum Mechanics: Uncertainty principle and its applications- formulation of Time dependent and Time independent Schrödinger equations- physical meaning of wave function- Energy and momentum Operators-Eigen values and functions- Expectation values- One dimensional infinite square well potential .Quantum mechanical Tunnelling (Qualitative) Statistical Mechanics: Macro states and Microstates. Phase space. Basic postulates of Maxwell- Boltzmann, Bose-Einstein and Fermi Dirac statistics. Distribution equations in the three cases (no derivation). Density of states. Derivation of Planck’s radiation formula. Free electrons in a metal as a Fermi gas. Fermi energy

Module 5

Acoustics and Ultrasonics Acoustics: Intensity of sound- Loudness-Absorption coefficient - Reverberation and reverberation time - Significance of reverberation time-Sabine’s formula (No derivation) - Factors affecting acoustics of a building. Ultrasonics: Production of ultrasonic waves- Magnetostriction effect and Piezoelectric effect- Piezoelectric oscillator - Detection of ultrasonics - Thermal and piezoelectric methods - Applications of ultrasonics - NDT and medical.

Module 6

Laser: Properties of Lasers, Absorption, Spontaneous and stimulated emissions, Population inversion, Einstein’s coefficients, Working principle of laser, Optical resonant cavity. Ruby Laser, Helium-Neon Laser, Semiconductor Laser (qualitative). Applications of laser, holography (Recording and reconstruction) Photonics: Basics of solid state lighting- LED -Photo detectors- photo voltaic cell, junction & avalanche photo diodes, photo transistors, Thermal detectors, Solar cells- I-V characteristics –Optic fibre-Principle of propagation-numerical aperture-optic communication system (block diagram) -Industrial, medical and technological applications of optical fibre. Fibre optic sensors - Intensity modulated, phase modulated and polarization modulated sensors.

Text Book:

1. Aruldhas. G, Engineering Physics PHI Ltd

2. A Text Book of Engineering Physics, A.S. Vasudeva, S. Chand & Co

3. Applied Physics for Engineers, Neeraj Mehta, PHI Ltd


1. Engineering Physics, Premlet.B, Mc GrawHill India Ltd

2. Engineering Physics, B.K. Pandey, S. Chathurvedi, Cengage Learning

3. Engineering Physics , Bhattacharya and Tandon , Oxford India

4. Concepts of Modern Physics, Arthur Beiser, 6e, McGrawHill India Ltd

5. Optics , Eugene Hecht, 4e, Pearson Education

6. A text book of Optics , Brijlal and Subramanyam, 4e, S.Chand

7. Fiber Optic Communications , Joseph C Palais, 4e, Pearson Education

8. University Physics , Sears and Zemansky, 13e, Pearson

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