Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University / Kerala Technological university KTU First year (S1 S2) Syllabus for INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING (BE101-04)

Module 1

colour coding.Inductors and Transformers: types, specifications, Principle of working.Electro mechanical components: relays and contactors.

Module 2

Diodes: Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, PN junction diode, barrierpotential, V-I characteristics, Effect of temperature. Equivalent circuit of a diode. Piece wise linear model.Specification parameters of diodes and numbering.Zener diode, Varactor diodes, characteristics, working principle of LED,photo diode, solar cell.

Module 3

Bipolar Junction Transistors: Structure, typical doping, Principle of operation, concept of different configurations. Detailed study of input and output characteristics of common base and common emitter configuration, current gain, comparison of three configurations.Concept of load line and operating point. Need for biasing and stabilization, voltage divider biasing, Transistor as amplifier, switch, RC coupled amplifier and frequency response Specification parameters of transistors and type numbering

Module 4

Junction Field Effect Transistors: Structure, principle of operation,characteristics, comparison with BJT. MOSFET: Structure, principle of operation of Enhancement type MOSFET, Current voltage characteristics, Depletion-type MOSFET. Principle of operation of Photo transistor, UJT, SCR.

Module 5

Diode circuits and power supplies: Series and parallel diode circuits,Clippers, Clampers, Voltage multipliers Half-wave and full wave (including bridge) rectifiers, Derivation of Vrms, Vdc, ripple factor, peak inverse voltage, rectification efficiency in each case, capacitor filter, working and design of a simple zener voltage regulator.Block diagram description of a DC Power supply, Principle of SMPS

Module 6

Electronic Measurements and measuring Instruments. Generalized performance parameters of instruments: error, accuracy, sensitivity, precision and resolution. Principle and block diagram of analog and digital multimeter, Block diagram of CRO, Measurements using CRO, Lissajous patterns, Principle and block diagram of DSO, function generator. Testing of Electronic components.

Text Book:

1.Jacob Millman, Christos Halkias, Chetan D Parikhu, Integrated Electronics, Tata Mc Graw Hill

2. Robert L. Boylested, Louis Nashelsky, Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, Pearson Education


1.David A Bell, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Oxford University Press

2. A.S. Sedra, Kenneth C. Smith, Microelectronic Circuits, Oxford University Press

3. Santiram Kal, Basic Electronics: Devices, Circuits and its fundamentals, PHI Learning

4. Donald A Neaman, Electronic Circuits Analysis and Design, Mc Graw Hill



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