Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University / Kerala Technological university KTU First year (S1 S2) Syllabus for INTRODUCTION TO SUSTAINABLE ENGINEERING (BE103))

Module 1

Only the introductory concepts of the contents be covered Sustainability- Introduction, Need for sustainability, Concept of sustainability, social, environmental and economic sustainability concepts. Sustainable development, Engineering for sustainable development, Threats for sustainability, Low Impact development techniques.

Environmental ethics, Environmental education, multilateral environmental agreements and Protocols –Environmental legislations in India- Water act, Air act

Examples for project work:

1. Identifying/assessment of sustainability in your neighbourhood in education, housing, water resources, energy resources, food supplies, land use, environmental protection etc.

2. Identify the threats for sustainability in any selected area and explore solutions for the same

3. Suggest some LID activities that can be adopted

Module 2

Tools for sustainability, Life cycle assessment, procedure for LCA, case studies

ISO 14000, bio mimicking, responsibility of industries, industrial ecology, industrial symbiosis, cleaner production, clean development mechanism. Environment Impact Assessment, Procedures of EIA in India, Environmental auditing, Case studies in environmental sustainability

Examples for project work:

1. Conducting LCA of products (eg. Aluminium cans, PVC bottles, cars etc. or activities (Comparison of land filling and open burning)

2. Conducting an EIA study of a small project (eg. Construction of a building)

Module 3

Basic concepts of sustainable habitat, Green buildings, green materials for building construction, material selection for sustainable design, green building certification.

Methods for increasing energy efficiency of buildings, Sustainable cities, Sustainable transportation, Case studies in sustainable engineering. L2

Examples for project work:

1. Consider the design of a sustainable building for your campus

2. Explore the different methods that can be adopted for maintaining a sustainable transport system in your city

Module 4

Air pollution- sources of air pollution, vehicular and industrial, types of air pollutants, Effects of air pollutants.

Global environmental issues, Resource degradation, Desertification, wetland reclamation, Climate change, Ozone layer depletion, Carbon credits and carbon trading, carbon foot print. Examples for project work:

1. Collect details for instances of climate change in your locality.

2. Find out the carbon credits you can gain by using a sustainable transport system (travelling in a cycle or car pooling from college to home)

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