Latest Seminar Topics in Mechanical Engineering 2018

Optimization of fire emergency systems through computational fluid dynamics

Flow Behavior and Texture Evolution of a Lamellar Copper-Silver Composite

Reduced Order Model for Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Two-Phase Flow Channel

Open-loop Geothermal Cooling for Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Homogenization based upscaling of electrokinetic transport in porous media

Thermo-hydrodynamics of an Extended Meniscus as Unit-cell Approach of Pulsating Heat Pipe

Combustion analysis of RDX propellants and novel high-nitrogen propellant ingredients

The effect of pressure gradients on the turbulence in boundary layers

A manifold based generic reduced order multiscale modelling of complex materials

Lubricating grease flow: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach

Modeling of Flow Patterns of Impurity Aerosol due to Disruption in a Fusion Reactor

Diffusive Dynamics on Paper Matrix

Cavitation induced fracture in brittle metallic glasses

Thermal and optoelectronic properties of semiconductors and metals from atomistic simulations

On the Overwhelming Questions of Computability in Engineering Mechanics

Multifunctional materials & Structures for Robotics

High Efficiency High Compactness Modular Thermal Management Systems

Microemulsion Absorption Cooling Technology

Large Scale Grid Free Simulations of Natural Convection

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