Latest Seminar Topics in Mechanical Engineering 2019

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): Growth of Limits and Limits to Growth

Spray in Crossflow

Can Artificial Intelligence Model Geophysical Flows

Studies on Multiphase, Multi-scale Transport Phenomena in the Presence of Superimposed Magnetic field

Webinar on 3D fracture mechanics simulation using FRANC3D

Flow-through Electrodes for Microfuel cells

Experimental Investigation of Film and Transpiration Cooling Techniques in a Hypersonic Flowfield

Stochastic computational fluid dynamics – recent applications in combustion, nanoparticle synthesis and two-phase flows

Bone and Joint Mechanics and Mechanobiology

Rheology of Nonequilibrium Polymer Melts

Quasi-particle coupling, energy transport, and phase-transition in thermoelectrics and multiferroics

The compressive properties of sandwich structures based on an egg-box core design

Detection of Breathing Damages in Thin Plates Using Lamb Wave Based Nonlinear Method

The dynamics of sheared density interfaces

Redundancy in robots, human arms and actuated endoscopic tools and its resolution

Failure mechanisms in composites containing manufacturing induced defects: Experiments and numerical modelling

Statistical mechanics of periodically driven systems

Emergence of stress and material instabilities during biological growth

Contact Mechanics Applied to Measure the Mechanical Surface Properties of Comet 67

Mechanics of motility: from unicellular organisms to tissues

Time-Reversal Array Signal Processing for Aeroacoustic Source Localisation

Novel instability analysis using Craya-Herring basis

An hour with Leonhard Euler

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