Latest VLSI Projects 2015

(Electronics Engineering,Electronics & Communication Engineering,Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)

Low Power and High Speed Sample-and-Hold Circuit

Novel architecture of Pipelined ADC

Scan-Based BIST VLSI Testing (DFT) Scheme for Low Heat Dissipation and Reduced Test Application Time

A Low Voltage Low Power High Swing Operational Amplifier for High Speed Analog to Digital Converters

Deep Submicron Extractor using probability distribution

Receiver Amplifier Design For Receiver Unit of Fast DATA Transfer System

Design of a Low power high slew rate OPAMP

Low power built in self- test (BIST) architecture for fast multiplier embedded core

Design and Synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits

ASIC Implementation of a Pipelined Bitrapezoidal Architecture For Discrete Covariance Kalman Filter

Low Power Microprocessor Design

ASIC Implementation of Discrete Fourier Transform Processing Module

Design of Low Power and high Speed Decoder for 1Mb Memory

A Frequency Compensation Technique For Low Voltage Three Stage Operational Amplifier

Area Reduction in 8 Bit Binary DAC using Current Multiplication

Design of Low Voltage High Performance, Wide Bandwidth Current Feedback Amplifier with Complementary Input Pair


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