Load Monitoring and Breaker with Digital Display Using Microcontroller

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The basic goal of this Load Monitoring and Breaker with Digital Display Using Microcontroller project is to control the load electricity constantly and to secure the current devices from burning because of overloading. This method of functional mechanisms little match for the companies such as furnaces, induction motors, ovens, broilers, and so on and are secured from overloading. Based on these load breakers, the common automatic fuses are ignored.

The similar functional mechanisms are utilized for home applications. Presently, there are domestic electrical devices that burn due to load variations. Thus, the functional mechanism and load controlling are important needs to secure the electrical devices.

CT (current transformer) is utilized to monitor the load electricity and it is linked in sequences with the load. The electricity induced is directly proportional to the load current. The output is transformed into DC with the help of filter and rectifier and the analog output is transmitted into the analog to digital converter to transform into digital pulses.

The digital information is fetched into the micro-controller to have the important action as per received data. The micro-controller has the important part which is compared with the parameter values and program.

The parameter chosen under this project is essential industrial parameter that requires constant check-up. The value of parameter is operated and displayed. As a result, the digital display gives the output of the micro-controller to display the current stream by the CT primary.

The Micro-controller is utilized for monitoring and function the load parameter. Controllers are utilized to use the operation mechanisms. It is essential to comprehend microcontroller to do the controlled mechanism. It mentions model and growth of Load monitor and Breaker with Digital Display.

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