Microcontroller Based Project and Seminar Topics

Microcontroller based talking keypad for Blind people

Microcontroller Based Power Theft Identification

Three Colour Display Using Bicolor Led

Number guessing game

Microcontroller Based Visitor Counter 
Microcontroller based automatic car parking system
AVR microcontroller based Solar tracking 
Microcontroller based Dam Gate Control System
Access Control System
Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm
Automatic Plant Irrigator
Digital gates Emulator
Digital Visitor Counter
Door Bell with Security Feature
Electronic Quiz Table
Electronic Security system

Micro controller based security System using sonar
Microcontroller Based Barcode Decoder
Electronic token number display with Music
Fire Monitor
Infrared Remote Switch
Intelligent Emergency Light
Multi-Pattern Running light

Microcontroller-Based Moving-Message Display
PC based SCADA implementation Using Micro controller AT89S52
Microcontroller based automatic Railway Gate
Microcontroller Based Power Saver
Microcontroller Based Temperature Controller
Intelligent braking system using micro controller
Optical Data Transfer between Computer and Micro Controller via Fiber Optic
Industrial Robot Using Micro Controller
Micro Controller Based Device Control System
Temperature Controlled Fan Using Micro Controller
Visitor Counter Using Pic Micro Controller 
Micro Controller Based Temperature Monitoring and Control

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