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Anambra leads while Taraba and Sokoto least in mobile phone access in Nigeria
Nigeria National Mobile Phone Penetration Ranking survey carried out by National Bureau of Statistics in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) across all states of Nigeria refocuses attention on the nation's mobile phone penetration that has witnessed significant growth and seen more than half of the population claiming access to the telecoms service.Among the states in Nigeria, Anambra has the highest percentage of people with access to mobile phones at 95.1 per cent and nearly 60 per cent of them own the devices, an indicator that, “at least 9 in every 10 persons who reside in the state are likely to have access to a mobile phone”, says the report.Osun State follows at number two recording 91.9 per cent trailed by Kogi with 87.6 per and Ogun with 87.1 per cent to place third and fourth respectively. Niger State took the fifth position with 86.2 percent total access to mobile phone.Capital Lagos, ranks sixth place with distribution access of 85.6 per cent.The states with lowest access to mobile phones are Taraba and Sokoto States with 33.1 per cent followed by Zamfara with 36.1 per cent; Kano with 36.2 per cent; Katsina with 39.7 per cent; Bauchi with 42.8 per cent and Adamawa with 46.5 per cent.

Nigeria ranks low in global information technology report

The 2012 Global Information Technology report by World Economic Forum and INSEAD have ranked Nigeria low placing it at 112th position out of the 142 economies ranked.Sweden occupies the top spot on the global index with Mauritius ranking a distant 53rd as the best-performing sub-Saharan African nation, followed by South Africa in the 71st position and Nigeria coming in at the 112th position following other African countries like Rwanda (82nd), Botswana (89th), Kenya (93rd) and Senegal (100th).According to the report, ICT readiness in sub-Saharan Africa is still very low, with most countries evidencing strong lags in connectivity because of the insufficient development of ICT infrastructure, which remains too costly. Low levels of skills and poor framework conditions for business activity also contribute readily to the poor showing of African countries in the global assessment.The report made relies on the Networked Readiness Index (NRI) to assess 142 economies worldwide, accounting for over 98 per cent of world GDP and several governments have already adopted the Networked Readiness Index (NRI) as a valuable tool for assessing and leveraging technology for competitiveness and development, thus forming the basis for using the tool in the report.This has resulted in the 2012 report being the most comprehensive and authoritative international assessment of the impact of ICT on competitiveness and the well-being of nations.

Robotics Program:Boston Dynamics will Supply
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA), Tactical Technology Office (TTO), has issued a Sole Source Intent Notice for humanoid robot systems for their Robotics Challenge Program.These robots will be supplied to software teams competing for the Challenge prize.The contract is to go to Boston Dynamics, who will produce identical humanoid robots based upon the PETMAN and Atlas projects they have already undertaken with DARPA support. This effort will develop approximately 8 identical platforms consisting of two legs, torso, on board computing, two arms with hands, and a sensor head.

Does Nigerian internet beats New York’s? 
Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales says that Internet speed in Nigeria is faster than New York.Jimmy tweeted this affter arriving Lagos for Youth Marketer Convergence Conference (YMC 2.0).Engineers World have contacted many Internet experts in this African nation.Most people disagree with Jimmy's comment.In short,Jimmy Wales thinks that high speed internet connection facilitate by service provider in his room is available in all corners of Nigeria.  


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