Latest News : * Samsung Electronics appointed Muller & Phipps Pakistan Ltd. (M&P) as its new official distributor in Pakistan

Detect smell using Electronic Nose
The project by Specialty Crops Research Initiative, funded by the United States Department of Agriculture by Dr. Florence Negre-Zkharov and her team develops Electronic Nose."We are involved in a project geared towards developing rapid methods to evaluate ripeness and flavour of fruits,"she said . "We evaluated an electronic nose to see if it can differentiate maturity of fruit, specifically melons. The goal is to develop a tool that can be used post-harvest to better evaluate produce, and develop better breeds."Dr. Florence added."It's very impressive that the electronic nose system can do a type of gas chromatography in about a minute. Ultra-fast, indeed. Also, the sample preparation is as easy as making a smoothie at home. Such a user-friendly system could greatly help analysis efficiency in this field," said Journal of Visualized Experiments Science Editor, Dr. Zhao Chen.

Samsung Electronics appointed Muller & Phipps as distributor in Pakistan
Samsung Electronics appointed Muller & Phipps Pakistan Ltd. (M&P) as its new official distributor in Pakistan.“We place great importance on Pakistan as a high potential market therefore; Samsung has introduced its latest range of popular Smart-phones and Touch-phones along with the high quality conventional phones for the Pakistani customers”, Samsung Pakistan’s Managing Director John Park said.Muller & Phipps Pakistan Pvt. Ltd started hundred years ago(1912)is the largest National distribution company in Pakistan.It covers more than 840 towns and cities of Pakistan.

PTCL gained net profit of Rs. 1.4 billion in its third quarter

The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has announced a net profit of Rs. 4.22 billion for nine-month period ended on March 31, 2012 which was 15 percent lower than Rs. 4.97 billion recorded in corresponding period last year.PTCL said that it gained net profit of Rs. 1.4 billion in its third quarter for FY2011-12

Robotics Program:Boston Dynamics will Supply
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA), Tactical Technology Office (TTO), has issued a Sole Source Intent Notice for humanoid robot systems for their Robotics Challenge Program.These robots will be supplied to software teams competing for the Challenge prize.The contract is to go to Boston Dynamics, who will produce identical humanoid robots based upon the PETMAN and Atlas projects they have already undertaken with DARPA support. This effort will develop approximately 8 identical platforms consisting of two legs, torso, on board computing, two arms with hands, and a sensor head.

Pakistan Says It Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile
Pakistan successfully tested an improved intermediate-range ballistic missile early on April 25 according to a statement by the Pakistani military.The test launch came six days after India, the country’s regional archrival, test-fired an Agni 5, a long-range ballistic missile that is also capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. 


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