Tech Shame * Nomao is an Iphone apps that can be see through clothes .

Nomao-Naked apps

Nomao is an IPhone application that can be see through clothes;A person who installed this apps in Iphone can see your body parts completly naked

How Nomao Works?

If you have installed this application in your iphone you can see people passing before you completly naked.Working is simple.,open the camera like you shoot videos..Clarity of vision depends on mega pixel of your can even record it.

Advantages of Nomao

It is a good apps for searching terrorist & suspicious persons in tight security area without stripping them

Dis Advantages of Nomao

If you are simply standing some wherewhy cant we think that persons shooting videos may viewing your genitals & published in dirty websites

Video of Nomao

NOMAO DOWNLOAD : it's not free

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Nomao iPhone application-Is this Fake?

How to download Nomao in Android?