Quality function deployment (QFD) is the translation of user requirements and requests into product designs. The goal of QFD is to build a product that does exactly what the customer wants instead of delivering a product that emphasizes expertise the builder already has. QFD was created by Japanese planning specialist Yoji Akao in 1966 as a way to help product planners look at new (or in-development products) through the lenses of customer, company and technology. QFD is achieved by linking the needs of the end user to subsystems or specific elements of the product creation process -- from design and development to engineering, manufacturing and services. Visual representations of market needs are key components of QFD, and graphs and matrices are typically deployed to track the process. For instance, Six Sigma QFD requires the customer to document his needs and wants in his own words so that a "House of Quality" matrix can be built. The customer meets with the manufacturer to prioritize requirements so the manufacturer understands priorities and can translate them into engineering and business process requirements. The manufacturer then establishes design criteria to ensure the customer's requirements are met.

QFD is applied in a wide variety of services, consumer products, military needs, and emerging technology products. The technique is also included in the new ISO 9000:2000 standard which focuses on customer satisfaction. In order to prepare seminar www.engineersworldonline.com refer many books and articles on "how to do QFD" are available, there is a relative paucity of example matrices available. QFD matrices become highly proprietary due to the high density of product or service information found therein.

Modular Function Deployment uses QFD to establish customer requirements and to identify important design requirements with a special emphasis on modularity. There are three main differences to QFD as applied in Modular Function Deployment compared to House of Quality - The benchmarking data is mostly gone., The checkboxes and crosses have been replaced with circles., The triangular “roof” is missing.

There are also other minor differences between the application of QFD in Modular Function Deployment as compared to House of Quality, for example the term "Customer Attribute" is replaced by "Customer Value", and the term "Engineering Characteristics" is replaced by "Product Properties". But the terms have similar meanings in the two applications


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