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Does Kerala's Internet strike Digital Hartal Success??

While PM Modi plans to transform India into a digital country, netizens in Kerala logout from Internet on last day of October . 'Digital Hartal' was organized in protest against recent move by Airtel, Vodafone and Idea group to hike data prices and reduce validity of different packs.

Facebook enhance users' privacy

Facebook has formed a partnership with five security software companies namely Microsoft, McAfee, Trend Micro, Sophos and Symantec to clear out malicious URLs from the internet. Over 910 million users on Facebook reportedly post a ton of links, some from blacklisted sites. Facebook now will warn its users beforehand, when they click on a site that could possibly pose a threat to their computers.

Should you backup your social media activity?
If you lose your Facebook Community or Twitter Account you may be worried a lot.Some firm's are giving sure that they will keep your data safe if you give money.Backupify will back up everything from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Flickr. Starting at US$4.99 per month for five accounts.BackUpMyTweets, as the name suggests, backs up your Tweets. It's free if you Tweet about it (and your data will remain in the cloud). However, if you pay US$12 a year, you can download the data to analyse and manipulate yourself.

Pinterest sees dramatic drop in number of users

social photo sharing website Pinterest that gained huge popularity in first two months starting January 2012, is now unexpectedly losing users this month, according to a report.Data collected by the Business Insider showed that the majority of Pinterest users sign up through Facebook 
have significantly dropped in the past few months.Monthly active users are down from 11.15 million on April first to less than 8 million now.


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