July 2014The union textiles ministry has sought more funds for the technology upgradation fund scheme....Facebook expands gender options to UK users.....Infosys has appointed Vishal Sikka, former CTO of SAP, as the chief executive officer and managing director of the company....Australia and Japan will create a framework pact to cooperate on military technology....Alibaba will fully acquire mobile browser firm UCWeb in the biggest merger in Chinese internet history....Microsoft, Intel to provide technology for Bangalore-based startup Notion Ink that is building touch-enabled computing devices or ultrabooks.... Reliance Jio Infocomm has begun rolling out mobile network and Wi-Fi hotspot services on a pilot basis in Ahmedabad and Baroda.....PMO archives official Twitter account, Modi as Indian PM may have to start afresh.... Microsoft Corp unveiled a larger but lighter version of its Surface Pro tablet...Time to embrace the Internet says Iran president ..Microsoft rescues XP users by providing an emergency update to fix a critical bug in its Internet Explorer browser......Founder of China's Huawei Technologies said media reports that the NSA was spying on his company came as no surprise....Microsoft rescues XP users by providing an emergency update to fix a critical bug in its Internet Explorer browser......Founder of China's Huawei Technologies said media reports that the NSA was spying on his company came as no surprise....DoCoMo plans to exit India by selling its 26.5 per centstake back to joint-venture partner Tata Teleservices.....The number of smartphone users in urban India will cross 104 million in 2014 compared with 51 million users in 2013.....Indian government is working with Israel to develop 5G internet networks, which offer speed of 10Gbps by 2020....


Einstein's equation E=mc2 is correct in flat space,wrong in curved space

According to the Theory of General Relativity, objects curve the space around them. Researcher Andrei Lebed has proposed an experiment using a space probe carrying hydrogen atoms to test his finding that the equation E=mc2 is correct in flat space, but not in curved space.

New nanomaterial 'may help speed up technology'

Australian scientists have produced a new two-dimensional nano material they believe could revolutionise the electronics market with thinner, faster and lighter gadgets

Researchers develop nicotine-free, disposable e-cigarette

Researchers have developed a new electronic cigarette which they claim has none of the nicotine found in many existing e-cigarettes.

Study reveals ordinary glass's extraordinary properties

Researchers raise the possibility of designing ultrastable glasses at the molecular level via a vapor-deposition process. Ultrastable glasses could find potential applications in the production of stronger metals and in faster-acting pharmaceuticals

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Engineering Colleges in Kerala 2014 Admissions

Complete Details of Government Engineering Colleges,Private Self Financing Engineering Colleges and Government Aided Private Engineering Colleges in Kerala with District,University Wise Listing for B.Tech Admission 2014.

India's Mars Mission expected to reach the Martian orbit on September 24, 2014

India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) today early morning successfully leave earth's gravity for 750 million km journey to Mars.The command for the space craft to leave the Earth orbit and head into the Sun centric orbit was executed from the mission operations center in Bangalore.Once it reaches Mars, Mangalyaan will revolve around the Red Planet for six months and announce India's triumph

Shocking New Invention: Electric Underwear to Prevent Rape

Anti-Rape Underwear, which can shock a would-be rapist with 3,800 Kilovolts of electricity and send emergency text messages to the police was created by three engineering students in India.They are calling it Society Harnessing Equipment,SHE

Samsung to promote Tizen OS Smartphone than Android

Samsung launches smartphones running with Tizen Os in 2014. Many people doubt why samsung plans to promote tizen than Android or Bada

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Best Games Releasing in 2014

We've rounded up a few highlights with the best games releasing soon in 2014.Many of this games will be released in 2014 for the four best platforms as Microsoft Windows (PC),Android, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Facebook Home - now fb features amazing

Facebook Home is a software for your phone designed to put your friends above everything else. Main Features of Facebook Home includes a cover feed that rotates through the most recent photos, status updates and links that your Facebook friends post; a redesigned notification center; and "Chat Heads," which are chat bubbles that pop up when someone messages you on the social network.

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Locata-New positioning technology could compete with GPS

An Australia-based company, Locata, is featuring a ground-based system using stronger signals than GPS for pinpointing a person's location indoors or outdoors. In place of satellites, Locata has developed technology that features ground-based equipment to project a radio signal over a localized area.


100 Million Mobile Internet users in India May 2013

India is expected to have close to 165 million mobile internet users by March 2014, up from 87.1 million in December 2012 as more people are accessing the web through mobile devices and dongles, a report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB

How to make Voice Mail from Bsnl?

ISD facility is limited to Prepaid users in India

Telecom companies de-activate the international calling facility in pre-paid numbers and restore it only after a subscriber gives his explicit consent to avail this facility as per instruction by Telecom regulator authority of India.

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Intel Lexington Atom processor for Android smartphones announced, Lava to launch one in India

Intel introduced the Atom Z2420 mobile processor, codenamed Lexington, which is aimed at the emerging market demographics including India, Latin America, and Africa for smartphones by Acer, Lava, and Safaricom with full support for Android apps.Lava is likely to launch one in India for 7,000 Rs.

Toshiba smartphone camera sensor comming this year

Toshiba may be targeting the end of 2013 for the launch of a new camera sensor for smartphones and tablets, where the picture taker can choose a specific area of focus in the photo after having taken the photo. .

 Smartphones & Hottest Gadgets launching in 2013  



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GATE 2014-All Exams are Online

Previous Question Papers & Syllabus for GATE 2014 organized this year by IIT Kharagpur in January-February 2014 have given here

IES-2014:Indian Engineering Services Exam on June,2014

Indian Engineering Services Examination, UPSC (Union Public Service commission) conducts Engineering Services Examination for recruitment in various engineering services/posts in various Government Departments.

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3D imaging:how birds manage to sing so tunefully?

3D imaging helps science understand just how birds manage to sing so tunefully.Birds have a syrinx, a special organ evolved for their singing.Magnetic imaging and micro-computed tomography help to create 3D model

Engineered bacteria make fuel from sunlight

Chemists at the University of California, Davis, have engineered blue-green algae to grow chemical precursors for fuels and plastics — the first step in replacing fossil fuels as raw materials for the chemical industry.

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World's longest Bullet Train service launched in China.

China launched world's longest high-speed rail route, a 2,298-kilometre (1,425-mile) line between Beijing and Guangzhou means passengers will be whisked from the capital to the southern commercial hub in just eight hours, compared with the 22 hours previously required.


Transonic Engine has New Injection System but No Ignition System

Transonic Combustion, a start-up company is developing a more efficient ICE technology that could lead to further increases in efficiency."Transonic Engine has New Injection System but No Ignition System.


Cell Phone batteries can be charged using Virus.

Scientists claim to have developed a unique technique to harness electricity from a bacteria eating virus to power your mobile phones. A team at the University of California, Berkeley are using the virus known as M13 bacteriophage to replace toxic elements used to charge the cell phones.


GraphExeter revolutionise electronics industry.

The most transparent, lightweight and flexible material ever for conducting electricity has been invented by a team from the University of Exeter. Called GraphExeter, the material could revolutionise the creation of wearable electronic devices, such as clothing containing computers, phones and MP3 players.

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Samsung rolling Jelly Bean update in India.

Samsung confirm Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy S II LTE, Galaxy Chat, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Ace Plus, Galaxy Mini 2, and Galaxy S Duos.


How to upgrade your Android smart phone to 4.1 Jelly Bean?


Why Engineering Graduates rush for Bank Jobs?

2013 witness large number of Engineering Graduates rushing for the job as single window operator in major nationalized & multi national banks. Reason for the huge flow of Engineering graduates to banking sector is that....


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  • Biotech researchers successfully harvest quantum dots from earthworm poop.British researchers at King's College in London have succeeded in creating quantum dots by feeding earthworms soil laced with certain metals and then collecting the material excreted.Quantum dots are nano-sized semiconducting materials with characteristics defined by their crystal shape 

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  • Measurements Hint Why the Universe Is Dominated by Matter, Not Anti-Matter.A collaboration with major participation by physicists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has made a precise measurement of elusive, nearly massless particles, and obtained a crucial hint as to why the universe is dominated by matter, not by its close relative, anti-matter..

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  • MIT researches virtually eliminates reflections, producing glass that is almost unrecognizable because of its absence of glare — and whose surface causes water droplets to bounce right off, like tiny rubber balls.The new “multifunctional” glass.

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