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60 Things You Miss the Most While in College - Campus Life

Engineers World trying to list out main things you miss after your college life. You will start missing your student life only when you read this (; REALLY !!! the GOLDEN days of our Life :)

1)Leave the class after giving the attendance
2)Spending time looking at other....
3)Studied last minute before the semester / final exam
4)Ate food during classes
5)Bunked classes
6)Looked around carefully during assembles just to see which teacher was absent
7)Pen fighting
8)Got punishment bt still cracking jokes behind teachers
9)One Notebook for whole semester
10)Had a crush and never told the person
11)Left college with out attending last period
12)playing game on cellphones
13)Texting someone, and falling asleep while waiting for the reply
14)Wasted hours on the phone with a friend the night before an important exam
15)Dreamt of getting the final question paper before the exam
16)accompanied friends while waiting for their boy/girl friends
17)Copied a whole test and got very high marks
18)coughed loudly in group to interrupt the class
19)Fell asleep in exam hall
20)Teachers ki funny drawings benana...!!!

21)Got caught copyin..
22)Ragged your junior
23)Not food but chocolates
24)Jumped the college wall
25)Fell asleep in class
26)Pointed at funny pictures in the text book and told your friend "THAT'S YOU!"
27)Writting results without doing xperiment
28)Came to class in the last minute atleast ten times
29)Bunked classes but made sure I got attendance
30)Got caught while helping others in exams  click here to continue missings  31 to 60

Kindly read missing 31 to 60 in next page also and tell us which one you miss a lot in your school, college, campus life ....

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