Civil Engineering Projects/Mini Projects - 2021

Study of encased composite beams

Artificial recharge of ground water

Experimental study on utilization of silica fume in concrete

Solid waste management of davangere city muncipality

Water quality monitoring of madiwala lake

Design and construction of folded ferrocement boat

Study of strength parameters of silica fume concrete

Low cost technology for fluoride removal

Domestic water treatment plant

Structural analysis using finite element method

Behaviour of filler slab in low cost housing

Strength properties of bhalki soil

Flyash laterite bricks

Utilization of man made waste in man-made structures

Treatment of sugar waste using anaerobic filter

Flyash mosaic flooring tiles

Stabilized blocks of haalu mannu

Flyash concrete door shutters

Quality study of sewage in davangere district

Ground water quality analysis in bidar town

Stabilized haalu mannu blocks

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