EEE Projects for Electrical Engineering Students 2021

(Electrical Engineering,Electrical & Electronics Engineering,Electromagnetic Engineering,Power Systems)

Coconut plucking device

Helmet Mobile Charger

Multi core cable tester
Parking radar
IR follower robot
Heart beat monitor with wave on LCD(pic based)
Contact less techo generator
Driver alert
Infra red control for pc
Light follower robot
Line follower robot
Real-time industrial process control and monitoring using gsm phones
Build your own embedded development board pc
Industrial automation & monitoring system
Automatic toll tax with voice using
Home automation using GSM
Microcontroller based security dial up with event logging to pc
Radio frequency remote control board (control eight relays)
PIC LCF meter
Digital lock
Room thermometer
Kitchen timer

Mini LCD scope
Home/Office Security System (Tele-guard)
Based Token Number Display With Voice & Security
Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring & Control Station
Microcontroller Based GSM controlled Switch With Voice
RF control of induction motors and other industrial
iVRS system for industrial control
Power grid control through pc
Data Acquisition System
Microprocessor based Speed Control of Induction Motor
Microprocessor based Power Meter
Computer Aided Design Of Transformer
Speed control of universal motor using microcontroller
Solar Tracking System
Electrical Bicycle
Microcontroller based Digital Energy Meter
Cyclo-converter 1- Phase to 1- Phase based Protective Relay
Microprocessor based power factor measurement & control
Speed Control of DC shunt motor using four Quadrant Chopper

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