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Protection of 3 phase induction motor
Speed control of dc shunt motor
3 phase squirrel cage induction motor design
Prepaid Card Energy Meter
Speed Control of DC Motor using DC Drives
Working Model of Solar Power Plant
Control system for modern house
Eight channel data logger
Remote monitoring and alarm on pc using radio link
Intelligent sauna bath control system
Heart beat monitor
Programmable logic controller (PLC)
Auto-answering with security dial-up
Automatic control of unmanned rail gate
3 phase squirrel cage induction motor design
Power Factor correction using Microprocessor
Microprocessor based Robot
PLC Based Boiler Control System
Linear Induction Motor (Design & Performance, Analysis)

V / F Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor
Inverter (MOSFET based)
Micro-controller based Control of any electrical Machine
Speed Control of DC Motor using Simulation
Micro-controller based differential protection of Transformer
Construction & Design of Three phase 1 HP Motor
a / C Relay
Measurement of inrush current in Transformer
Micro-stepping of Uni-polar Stepper Motor
Digital Filter Design & its Application
Speed Control of Separately excited DC motor using µP
Speed Control of DC shunt motor using four Quadrant Chopper
Survey of Industries in Surat
3 Phase Analyzer
Variable Frequency Drive
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