Seminar Topics for Communication Engineering

QoS Analysis in WiMAX

Implementing Data Logging with Wireless Sensor Networks

Security Analysis in Wireless Networks

Solar Panel battery charger

Analysis of MEMS switches

Design of Free Space Optical Communication Link

Developing Intelligent Agent for Medical Emergency System

Enhancing Mobility Support for Integrated Car Alert and Monitoring System

Dynamic Faceplate Recognizing System

Wideband Signal Processing

DNA classification using wavelet

Design and implementation of voice recognition system

Wall Crack Identification System using Matlab

Signal Generator Circuit With Multiple Sensor Sources Features

Contact-less Transmission of Signal Between Sensors and Conditioning Circuit

Analysis of interference effects on period-to-digital conversions

Design and Development of Array Antenna for Adaptive Beam Forming

Design and Simulation of Microwave Links in the Country

Design of pulse Oximetry Monitor System

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Bluetooth-enabled Thermal Sensor

FPGA Realization of Fuzzy Wavelet Based Handwritten Character Recognition

Implementation of data encryption and decryption using RSA algorithm for WAN/LAN channels

Temperature Control Circuit for Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator

Comparitive Study of Resonators for Biosensor

Oscillator design using surface acoustic wave resonator

Rate/Margin Maximization Algorithm for Adaptive Resource Allocation in Multiuser OFDM System

Control Channel Structure for Hybrid Distributed and Localized Allocation of Downlink OFDMA Systems

Joint Time-Frequency Analysis Using Wavelet Transformer

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