How to create fake location in whatsapp??

Sharing Location in Whatsapp is now a days a method to show others you are there or out of station. But we cannot trust whatsapp location becuase it is possible to send fake location on whatsapp iphone. Fake whatsapp location can be shared from android, iphone and windows.

We teaches how to send fake location on whatsapp. You can share fake whatsapp location in iphone, android & windows.

Step 1: Download Whatsapp for free from App Store in Android, iphone or Windows

Step 2: Select Location in Whatsapp

Step 3: Zoom and point the map to place you want to share as location

Step 4: Enter that place name in Search column

Step 5: Share anyone of landmarks you wish from listing whats app shows

Check video given below. Simply drag the map. For example if you are standing in Mumbai drag and zoom the map to Delhi. Whatsapp shows you landmarks in Delhi. Share any one location in Delhi. People belives you are in that place

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